What to expect from Black Friday Marisa in 2020? – Off Tips

Getting into the Black Friday 2020 atmosphere, Cuponeria is launching its series of articles about our main expectations regarding the offers and promotions of our Followers’ favorite stores. And nothing better than opening the way with one of our favorite clothing stores, Marisa.

Don’t know Marisa stores? We’ll tell you a little bit!

THE Marisa is the largest women’s fashion and lingerie chain in Brazil, it also has an immense range of products for the male and child audience.

Marisa has always worked to be part of its customers’ lives through its diverse collections of high quality and cost-effective products.

In addition Marisa is extremely well-known for engaging with causes that aim to fight and the protection female.

In Shops Marisa you can find pants, shirts, shoes, underwear, shorts and more …

Marisa also has its website as an e-commerce platform, there you will have access to all products from stores in just 1 click.

The Black Friday Marisa

Marisa is known for its diverse promotions and offers in so busy sexta-feira Negra (which takes place on the 27th of November this year) being one of the main consumer demand during the date.

Marisa’s website has already offered 70% off in entire collections and several products have already cost just R $ 9.99.

We brought here some of our bets to be able to roll during the 27th of November in Marisa’s stores and website.

Free Shipping throughout Marisa’s Site

Some regions already have some benefits when it comes to shipping, in addition you can get free shipping on purchases over R $ 99.90.

However, the expectation is that during Black Friday every Marisa website is offering free shipping with no minimum purchase value. Let’s hope!

Pieces for less than R $ 10

That’s what you read!

Imagine arriving at the store and finding a beautiful Marisa’s pants for only R $ 9.90 or enter the site and come across the shirt you always wanted for R $ 5? I think the idea is quite wonderful lol

In the past Black Friday’s, Marisa has already launched lightning offers that had several female, male and children’s pieces for less than R $ 10 so we couldn’t leave this possibility out.

Is there a toast? We bet yes!

Many clothing stores bet on giving gifts to their customers to ensure success on Black Friday.

There are several options for gifts that are already delivered to customers such as perfumes, accessories, gift cards and even special discounts on other products.

80% discount during Black Friday

And of course, the famous discount could not be missing!

Looking at Marisa’s history, we can expect great discounts during Black Friday week and especially on the official day of the event.

The expectation is that the store launches campaigns with up to 80% discount in several collections or even in the entire store. We’ll be watching!

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Shop safely

During the period of Black Friday 2020 it is important to be aware of fraud and scams, both on the internet and in physical establishments. Therefore, we will reinforce some tips on how to take precautions when making your purchase on any website or shopping app.

Check the CNPJ of the company, this ensures that it really exists and complies with safety standards and the Consumer Protection Code. You can also search for the company’s CNPJ at Prohibited list and on ReclameAqui to ensure that you are making a 100% secure purchase.

When it comes to buying in physical stores, it is important to pay attention to the means of payment. Always prefer establishments that accept payment without physical money, in addition to avoiding contagion with the new Coronavirus you are free from fraud in notes. Several stores have migrated to payments through digital wallets, this trend has been gaining more and more support from the general public.

We are counting the days to enjoy the best of Black Friday 2020 together with you and for that reason we will launch several tips and information about Black Friday!

Happy shopping and Good Black Friday!

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