Want to know how to save on home expenses? 7 tips

Bill of water, electricity, internet, telephone, gas, television. Do you get so much bill that you don’t know how to save on home expenses? You can start by taking simple steps like taking faster showers, but you can also do an analysis of your spending to save in the right place.

You are already tired of knowing what to do to save on home expenses, such as:

✔ Leave the shower in the summer key
Close the tap when brushing your teeth
Unplug electronics from outlet when not in use
Turn off the lights in empty rooms
Take advantage of natural light
Wait for the food to cool before placing it in the refrigerator
Reuse water from clothes to wash the yard
Use economical lamps, such as LED and fluorescent lamps
✔ Avoid opening the refrigerator door too often or avoid putting towels on your shelves
✔ Iron all the clothes at once

And think, I already do all that! Why can’t I still save on home bills?

Calm down, everything has a way.

Have you ever stopped to evaluate if any appliance in your home could be responsible for the increase in your electricity bill? Perhaps an older refrigerator or that super powerful shower with turbo function takes your bill to heights.

Are your TV, phone and internet accounts each one of a supplier? This may be another reason why your accounts do not close at the end of the month.

See below for tips on how to save on home expenses by taking different attitudes of those you already know.

Before that, each person’s expenditure must be proportional to their salary. According to economists, the basic formula for financially organizing is:

Your salary = 50 + 15 + 35

That is, at most half of the salary can be spent on essential expenses (such as rent, electricity and water). The 15% must go to what we call financial priorities, which are nothing more than the payment of debts and investments. The remaining 35% can be spent on your hobbies.

Having done the math, let’s go to practice.

7 surefire tips on how to save on home expenses

1) Unify your internet, phone and TV account

Consult the companies that offer these services to find out if there is a plan with the package of all of them in the same account. See which ones you already have an account with and try a better price, if you can’t see all the others and if it’s worth it, consider changing to reduce your account.

Also assess whether it is interesting to keep cable TV. Streaming services like Netflix can be cheaper.

2) Download an app and control finances

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life it is not always easy to stop and include in our excel spreadsheet all our expenses. For this control, a good tip is to download a finance automation application.

O Guide, for example, is a free online application that accesses your expenses and your account and credit card transactions, categorizing expenses and pointing out more clearly where it is possible to save.

3) Make your food, put together your list and go to the supermarket

In this item we have gathered 3 tips on how to save on home expenses in one. It is a fact that when we go to the supermarket hungry we fill the cart much more. And worse, with what we don’t even need! So we spend more than we can.

That way, before you go shopping, go with a full belly. To save even more, preferably make your own food instead of eating out.

In downtown São Paulo, the average price of a meal is R $ 34, according to the company Ticket.

According to the National Basic Food Basket Survey, conducted by the Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies (DIEESE), the basic basket cost in the capital of São Paulo it is R $ 467.65.

That way, if you miss lunch for 13 days, you can guarantee an entire basic basket.

When you go to the supermarket take a list from home. Make a survey of what you need to replace to avoid exaggeration. Also consider trying other brands and include only seasonal fruits, as they are usually cheaper.

4) Pay attention to your card’s annual fee

If you are paying absurd fees from your credit card also evaluate this expense. Did you know that some banks are exempt from the annuity fee if you spend a minimum amount per month and others don’t even have that fee?

It is worth keeping an eye on and avoiding an expense that may be unnecessary.

5) Create deadlines to pay off debt or add money

When you have a goal in mind, it’s easier to save. If you have no debt, what is your goal and how soon do you want to achieve it? These goals and targets make us more motivated to continue.

6) Search prices and compare

Nowadays everything is easier with the internet and there are very cheap options on the network compared to stores, just be a little patient and set aside time for that.

The savings of R $ 100 or R $ 200 in some object can be the amount of the payment of an account at the end of the month. In addition, some physical stores cover offers from online stores, so if you can’t wait for the product to arrive, haggling may be an option to pay less.

7) Search for free samples

One of the fixed expenses that we have every month is with cleaning products and they are more and more expensive. So, another great way to save on home expenses is to get free samples.

On sites like Big Tester, you can win several products, not only cleaning and save. It is a website where you register and answer several types of research related to your consumption profile.

With that, you can win products from the brands you already know or want to know. The step by step to register on the site is simple:

  • sign up for free;
  • answer questions about your consumer profile (we do not ask for bank details or credit cards);
  • accumulate points and exchange for the products of your choice.

The more you answer, the more points you accumulate and the more products you can redeem. The site does not make sweepstakes!

Brands and products include Kinder, Kopenhagen, Nutella, McDonald’s and more.

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