Top 6 cheap games on Nuuvem for less than $ 100

Playing on the computer can be much cheaper than on consoles. When it comes to PC games, Steam comes to mind. But did you know that it may not be the cheapest option when buying your games? Sometimes, you can find cheap games on Nuuvem that are at a lower price than on Steam.

Nuuvem is a Brazilian digital platform that sells PC games. Some are even activated on Steam itself. So it is important to always match prices before buying a title.

To get to know some of the cheap games at Nuuvem today, we have put together some options that are available for less than R $ 100. It is worth mentioning that these are the full prices of the games, not the promotional prices.

This means that you can buy these games directly, or put them on your wish list to be notified when there is a promotion.

That said, see our list of cheap games on Nuuvem below!

1. Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Royal Edition

This open-world RPG takes a slightly different approach to medieval fantasy titles: there is no fantasy here. This means that there are no fairies, magic potions and cruel wizards. There is no lack of cruelty, but it is not accompanied by magic.

Set in the 11th-century Austro-Hungarian Empire, Kingdom Come: Deliverance follows the vengeance of a young villager, who had his family murdered in front of him after a looting conducted by a nobleman in a civil war ravaging the country

Very difficult and realistic, you must train hard to have a chance in the various battles, since your character does not acquire any kind of superhuman power.

Click on the link to access the game page on Nuuvem. The Royal Edition costs R $ 69.99 with the base game and all available DLCs.

kingdom come deliverance is one of the best cheap games on the cloud

2. Ronin – Digital Special Edition

An independent turn-based game, Ronin is surprising because, even with a fast pace, it still brings a lot of adrenaline. As the daughter of a crime boss murdered by her own uncle, the protagonist who never takes off her helmet begins a journey of revenge against the entire gang.

During the game, enemies move only after you define your movement. That is, when standing still, everyone is standing still. From there, you can coordinate the next action, and you must also anticipate the actions of enemies.

With a few hours of duration, Ronin is one of the best indie games, even at a certain age. With two endings, the game runs even on weak PCs and notebooks and the Digital Special Edition brings the complete soundtrack and a comic that deepens the game’s plot.

Ronin – Digital Special Edition is available on Nuuvem for R $ 36.99.

3. West of Dead – The Crow’s Way Special Edition

Recently released, West of Dead is a procedural action game in which you control a deceased cowboy who discovers that souls are no longer going to heaven or hell. With the mission falling in his lap, it will be up to him to sail through Purgatory and end the cause of this supernatural impasse.

The nameless protagonist is voiced by none other than Ron Pearlman, the original Hellboy from the first two films – not the famous disaster of 2019. The action is paced, requiring the player to be always on the move, while considering everything that is around. One of the best cheap games on Nuuvem for those who like a lot of challenge.

The Path of the Crow edition brings the base game and more content, like an animal companion – the crow! -, a new enemy and another weapon for the game’s arsenal. The full title is available at Nuuvem for R $ 50.61.

4. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

West of Dead has had a considerable release and is one of the best independent games of the year. But Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has stunned millions of players impressively.

This multiplayer game puts about 60 players playing absurd tests in the best Mario Party style, but without the board. There are those who call it digital “Olympics of Faustão”, given the similarity of the tests with the old TV program board.

Best of all, the game is one of the cheap games on Nuuvem, available for R $ 57.99 in its collector’s edition, which includes exclusive cosmetic items and 10,000 credits to spend on the game’s online store. Click the link to visit your page.

5. Alan Wake: Collector’s Edition

Despite being a game originally released in 2012, Alan Wake has one of the best narratives of recent times. So much so that its protagonist returns in an expansion of the recent Control, created by the same studio.

In the role of the writer who gives the title its name, you must solve a phenomenon in which darkness is ravaging a small town, taking care of its residents. For a reason also incomprehensible at first, the writer himself is the target of that entity.

Alan Wake’s collector’s edition features the main story, videos and developer comments throughout the game, a 130-page digital book about the game and the original soundtrack. The whole package is available for R $ 37.99 at Nuuvem.

alan wake screen

6. Darkest Dungeon – Ancestral Edition

One of the most acclaimed RPG and horror games to date, Darkest Dungeon is able to keep you trapped in your oppressive world for dozens of hours, not to mention the extra content that is part of the Ancestral Edition. As heir to a cursed property, you must hire mercenaries to explore the property’s different environments and explore the Darkest Dungeon, the game’s final challenge.

What makes the title so special is its survival mechanics: when facing the darkness and dealing with its monstrosities, the characters gain stress. That meter that can make them suffer permanent mental damage and even die of so much mental disorder.

Darkest Dungeon is ruthless, but able to keep you hooked for hours while trying to take down the challenges posed by your randomly generated dungeons.

The Ancestral Edition has the base game, in addition to all the expansions of content and soundtrack of the game. This version of Darkest Dungeon is available for R $ 94.99 at Nuuvem.

Cheap games at Nuuvem – which one looked the best?

What did you think of the titles we showed throughout the article? Which one attracted your attention the most? Put them on your wish list to find out when they get even cheaper and be sure to check out our guide teaching you how to choose the best video card for games!

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