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With the climate of sexta-feira Negra Facing us, many stores are taking advantage of consumers’ expectations to offer special discounts during the weeks leading up to the big event. The initiative aims to impact the public that is already looking for opportunities to purchase any product of their desire, in addition to presenting possible Black Friday discounts.

But how can I find real discounts?
To help you find real discounts, Cuponeria has gathered some information to help you when making your purchase.

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What happens on Pre Black Friday?

THE sexta-feira Negra officially happens on the day November 27. To ensure that the consumer gets into the mood, retailers like Magazine Luiza, Casas Bahia and Ponto Frio launched special collections with discounts of up to 70% OFF for consumers to enjoy during the weeks leading up to November.

Which stores are releasing the discounts?

Several e-commerce’s and retail stores have already started their promotions. Last year alone, more than 3000 stores carried out promotions during the period preceding the discount week in November. To the Black Friday 2020 more than twice as many participants are expected, this is a direct result of the hundreds of stores that migrated to digital commerce during the crisis caused by the pandemic.

How to find the best discounts on pre Black Friday?

It is important to keep an eye on the special collections that stores launch to promote discounts during the sexta-feira Negra. Take the opportunity to follow your favorite stores on social networks, many lightning campaigns are announced without notice on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

Is it worth buying now?

Contain anxiety until sexta-feira Negra it is almost a test of endurance and we know that the question that comes to mind is: Should I Wait?

The answer is simple, search!
It is important to always keep an eye on the history of the products you buy, especially because we need to know if we are getting a discount or falling into any of the famous Black Friday scams.

There are several price comparators that guarantee your safety and present the real discount to you at the time of purchase.

Hidden discount coupons? We think for you!

Better than getting a discount, it’s getting more discount!
Cuponeria has launched a special extension for you who are passionate about discounts. With the extension you can find discount coupons hidden on different websites for you to enjoy.

To download the extension on your Chrome browser:

– Click here and access the download page.
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– Access your favorite website and look for hidden coupons 😍.

THE sexta-feira Negra is coming and the spirits are in full swing, it is important to keep an eye on the best promotions and offers to guarantee the best discount on the product you want.

Happy shopping, Cuponeires ❤️

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