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Counting the days to buy without fear of being happy? We are also lol

This week, we at Cuponeria brought our main bets on what’s going to happen in some of the best-loved stores in the Brazilian realm (for the intimate, Brazil). Of course, we are talking about Americanas, one of the stores best known by Brazilians, especially when it comes to sexta-feira Negra, I mean, Red Friday as it is known to fans of the brand.

As Cuponeria is also history, we will not fail to tell you a little bit about the history of Lojas Americanas.

Lojas Americanas billed its first order in 1999, beginning the mission to become the preferred destination for online shopping in Brazil. Two years after its foundation, Lojas Americanas became the leader in sales and profitability in the electronic retail sector in Brazil.

THE Red Friday Americanas is always remembered as one of the most faithful to the concept of super discounts on the 27th of November, both in its online store and in the physical store. Who here has never passed an Americanas on Red Friday and saw a long line?

Based on the latest Red Friday’s from Americanas we’ve brought you some bets on offers and promotions that may be part of the event this year.

See what to expect from Black Friday Marisa 2020

Lightning Deals

These are always the most expected by everyone, the famous flash deals usually appear when we least expect them (it is worth noting that the most favorable times for these offers are during the night).

Among the products that end up entering this offer model are cell phones, video games, notebooks, furniture and even household items, many end up appearing with up to 90% discount so it is good to always be attentive during Red Friday.

Double cashback

Like several online stores, Americanas has already refunded part of the amount spent on the purchase to the user, the famous Cashback Americanas.

This year this form of bonus should gain strength, being able to return to the user up to 2 times more than usual. In 2019 the store even returned R $ 500 to those who shopped at its online store.

Who doesn’t like to see money in their wallets, right?

Market with more than 50% discount

With delivery services becoming increasingly essential in times of isolation, Lojas Americanas launched their supermarket delivery services, and should we be honest? It is a lot to do the shopping of the month without leaving home.

The delivery service that already has weekly offers and even discount coupons can be one of the main attractions during the Black Friday period in the Americanas online store, the expectation is that several products on the market list have more than 80% discount. Prepare the virtual cart!

Goodies for less than R $ 0.99

This is for anyone who has been a fan of Lojas Americanas for a long time. The physical stores are known for their collections of sweets in addition to the various offers that occur during the week for treats.

In past Red Friday’s there was no shortage of candy deals during the day, so we couldn’t expect anything different. The expectation is that chocolate bars, snacks and candy packages can cost less than R $ 0.99 (the offers can also occur in the online store). Set the “trash day” for November 27, ok?

American discount coupons

They can’t be missing, right?

To leave the Red Friday Americanas even better, Cuponeria launched an exclusive Black Friday 2020 collection with incredible discount coupons for you to enjoy during the event, in addition you can access the exclusive collection of Lojas Americanas on the platform, there you will find all coupons available for the online store.

The expectation for Red Friday 2020 is that coupons of up to 70% discount on products will be available. To stay connected on Red Friday coupons just follow the American stores on the Cuponeria app or website and you will be notified as soon as the coupon is live.

* Special collection of Black Friday at Cuponeria

Find hidden discounts with our Chrome extension

With the exclusive Cuponeria extension you can find various coupons, offers and promotions hidden on the websites of your favorite stores. In addition, the extension automatically applies the discount at the end of your purchase. Perfect, right?

* Cuponeria Chrome extension on Americanas website

To download the extension on your Chrome browser:

– Click here and access the download page.

– Download directly in your Chrome browser.

– Access your favorite website and look for hidden coupons 😍.

Lojas Americanas are a reference when it comes to Black Friday, so we can’t wait less than several incredible offers and promotions.

Is that you? Are you ready for Red Friday 2020?

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