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Discover the Natural Land

Natural da Terra is the largest fruit and vegetable chain in the country that aims to deliver fresh and high quality food to its consumer, the result of a tradition of more than 30 years of the chain that comes from a fair past.

The chain is also known for its relationship and commitment to its customers, at Natural da terra the rule is to value a more natural, simple and joyful life. This mission is explicit in the care, safety and treatment of each product in the chain.

The stores have Butchers, fishmongers, bakeries, grocery stores, cold cuts and dairy products, as well as several products manufactured by themselves, enriching the options of those who buy.

At Natural da Terra the origin of the products is a matter that is taken seriously by the supermarket chain, there are specialists who take care of each of the product categories. Veterinarians are responsible for the meat purchasing area, nutritionists for the organic area, etc. In addition, all these specialists participate in the day-to-day of each store so that the products are kept in a safe and healthy way. It is important to highlight that the stores are supplied every 2 days, maintaining Natural da Terra’s commitment to delivering fresh products to its customers.

Natural Delivery from Earth

The chain also offers a delivery option for its customers to receive fresh products without leaving home, just go to the Natural da Terra website and click on the delivery option. By clicking here you get a 20% discount on purchases over R $ 150 at the delivery of Natural da Terra (valid for stores located in São Paulo).

Frequently asked questions about the Natural da Terra discount coupon

Does Natural da Terra have a discount coupon?

Yes. At Natural da terra you can find coupons of up to 20% discount for orders placed through delivery. Click here and get your coupon!

Does Natural da Terra have delivery?

Yes. Natural da Terra has a delivery service available in the city of São Paulo and in the metropolitan area, you can check the delivery addresses on the website.

How to get a discount on Natural da Terra?

Find different coupons from Natural da Terra in Cuponeria, just go to the Natural da Terra page on the platform and get the coupon that’s right for you.

How to use the discount coupon on the Natural da Terra website?

Get your discount coupon on the Natural da Terra na Cuponeria page.

Go to the Natural da Terra website and do your shopping.

After closing your order you will be redirected to your shopping cart where you can apply the discount coupon.

How to talk to Natural da Terra?

To speak with Natural da Terra regarding products and services you can use the following channels:


Phone: (11) 4004-1076

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