Learn how to import discounted bicycle accessories on Aliexpress

AliExpress is not just about innovative gadgets and cell phones. Did you know that you can also import bicycle accessories from one of the most trusted international shopping sites out there?

The online store has a wide variety of brands that produce and sell this equipment. Often for prices below those practiced by stores in the country – sometimes they are selling the same product.

Unless you have a great urge to buy equipment, such as to participate in a competition that is nearby and requires the use of an accessory, you may as well wait for the arrival time.

Want to learn how to import bicycle accessories and pay cheaper for your equipment? Then see the complete guide below and some suggestions for accessories you can import on the internet!

How to register on AliExpress

1 – Go to AliExpress (the link gives $ 4 off the first purchase!) And click Activate my discount;

2 – A new window will open. In the AliExpress popup, click Get Coupons Now;

3 – Choose the option $ 3 coupon, which allows you to apply the discount to any product you select;

4 – click in Take;

5 – Create your registration with your email or login on social media like Google, Facebook or Twitter, among many others.

With the registration created and a brand new discount coupon, it’s time to research and find out what accessories you are going to buy.

See some options for importing bicycle accessories from the list below. After getting to know some of the options available, see how to take them home!

3 bicycle equipment available on AliExpress

1. Rockbros rechargeable warning lamp

Rockbros is one of the best bicycle accessories stores on AliExpress. One of its products is this rechargeable flashlight.

Its rechargeable battery lasts for approximately 51,000 hours and it also serves as a power bank for your smartphone or GPS. In addition to the main flashlight, the equipment features a lower intensity side flashlight.

Click on the link to see the Rockbros rechargeable flashlight.

2. Rockbros rear rain bag

Another equipment of the store is the rear anti-rain bag. It allows you to carry small and necessary everyday items, such as cell phones, keys or wallets. Think of it as a pack for your bike, but without the crappy human version.

The bag protects these items from the rain and is also shockproof, being able to absorb impacts such as the fall. The bag also comes with a reflective band, making it easy for other vehicles and bikes to see you at night. One of the best options for those who need to import bicycle accessories on AliExpress.

Visit the RockBros page to learn more about the anti-rain bag.

3. Protective lenses for Rockbros sight

The lenses – which come with glasses – are ideal for protecting your vision against sunlight while cycling. It is worth mentioning that they are customizable, with more options coming in the package.

You can also customize the frames so that you can adjust them to fit your face perfectly.

See more about protective lenses on its page.

Tip: also check out the product page of Rockbros and Shimano, two of the best stores to import bicycle accessories!

How to import bicycle accessories on AliExpress

Now that you have registered, you have the discount coupon for new users active and you have already chosen what you want to take, see below what you need to do!

1 – Choose the color of the model you want to take, if any;

2 – Select the product shipping location. It is interesting to see all the options, as they can change the value of the freight and the availability of the product;

3 – Decide how many items you want to take;

4 – click in Add to cart;

5 – If you still want to buy other items, click Keep buying and repeat the steps above. If you want to complete the purchase, select View shopping cart;

6 – Check the items you want to order. You can request the purchase of everything in the cart (Select all), take all items from a particular store or even some of the products, as you can see on the screen below;

7 – Confirm the price and click Purchase;

8 – Click on the marked places to enter your address and choose a payment method;

9 – Choice Place order;

10 – Okay, now just follow the screening and wait for the arrival of your long awaited bicycle equipment!

To take advantage of more special offers on AliExpress, be sure to check out PegaDesconto daily for new discount coupons!

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