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Alura is the largest platform platform in Brazil for technology, design and digital business courses. The platform aims to deliver educational content to all Brazilians in a way that is fully adapted to all styles and forms of study.

Alura was born in 2013 from the renowned school of technology and innovation, Calum. The founders, Paulo Silveira and Guilherme Silveira, realized that many students did not have access to our content due to distance and time, and others adapted to different class rhythms. The online platform was born in 2011 and, with the success of the project, we created our own brand in June 2013, Alura.

Currently the platform with a teaching system totally focused on the humanization of the process, where students can discuss, give their opinion and enrich their knowledge in a much more practical way, wherever and whenever they want.

The courses are 100% updated to provide their students with high quality teaching focused on all the needs of the job market. In addition, the platform has online forums where students can exchange knowledge and resolve doubts.

Alura has more than 1000 courses for you to expand your knowledge

Alura has 1150 courses that serve the most important areas of technology, namely: Mobile, Programming, Infrastructure, Digital Marketing, Front-end, Design & UX, Data Science and Innovation and Management.

See how the platform works

To have access to the platform you need to buy one of the 3 plans that Alura offers, namely the Premium Plan, Premium Plus Plan and Max Plan. Each plan has some benefits and has differentiated prices. Click here and access the values ​​of the plans with 10% exclusive discount from Cuponeria.

See here the plans with the exclusive Cuponeria discount:

Study at Alura and earn certificates for each course you complete

Yes. All alura courses have certificates of completion, which is a great differential of the platform. However, it is worth mentioning that only the Premium Plus and Max plans have project evaluation by teachers.

Access Alura from wherever you are

The platform has applications in the App Store and Google Play stores, allowing Android and IOS users to study at any time with their smartphones.

Frequently asked questions about Alura discount coupons

How to get a discount at Alura?

To earn 10% discounts on the platform plans you must access the Alura page in Cuponeria and click on the discount coupon.

Does Alura have a discount coupon?

Yes. Alura gives 10% discount on all plans, to redeem the discount just click here.

What discount coupons or promotions are available for the Alura website?

Get 10% discount on all Alura Online plans!

How to use the discount coupon on the Alura website?

Get your discount coupon on the Alura website at Cuponeria.

Go to the Alura website and choose the desired plan.

After closing your order you will be redirected to your shopping cart where your discount will be applied automatically.

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