Is it cheaper to assemble a Gamer PC or buy a new generation console?

The question that does not want to be silent in 2020 is: is it cheaper to assemble a gamer PC or buy a new generation console? Revealed at E3 2019 and scheduled to launch in less than three months, none of the rivals have told the public how much their new consoles will cost.

On the other hand, PC gaming fans are already raising the banner of playing on the computer, especially with the revelation of Nvidia’s new set of graphics cards, which apparently will already make the new console generation obsolete. Of course, the plates will not come cheap, especially in the scenario of uncertainty that we are currently experiencing.

With that in mind, let’s talk about what looks like the best solution for anyone who wants to – and can! – make the leap to the next generation right at its launch. However, it is important to remember that, without the revealed amount, what we will talk about below can be considered speculation, considering all the information we have until the closing of this matter on 09/08/2020.

With these warnings, find out below if it is more worthwhile to build a PC game or buy a next generation console!

How much will the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 cost?

Conceptual art PS5 and Xbox Series X. Source: public images from the internet.

As mentioned above, none of the rivals have warned their audience how much the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 will cost. To begin, let’s use the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 launch price as a comparison. The Microsoft console hit the market in 2013 for $ 499, while Sony’s rival came in at 399.

It is worth considering the difference in price / price at that time: the Xbox One was launched with Kinect on a mandatory basis, which made the console more expensive on its arrival. Some time later, a version without the Kinect hit the market costing the same as the PlayStation 4.

Jumping to the next generation, it is estimated that both consoles will also cost $ 499, an increase of $ 100 over what we saw last generation.

How will this affect the price here in Brazil? The answer is simple: the dollar rate!

Of course, it is not enough to convert the price into dollars and wait for the video game to be released at an amount equal to what the Americans will pay. Still, making this conversion gives us a starting point.

Considering the price of 04/09/2020 of approximately R $ 5.30, the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 would reach our market for R $ 2,645.58. Which is already well above the total price of the previous generation. To be aware, the Xbox One hit the Brazilian market – including the Kinect edition! – for about R $ 2,200.

Now, here it is worth the tax calculations – both Brazilian and American, paid by the shopkeeper -, freight rates, shopkeeper maintenance and also your profit margin. Taxes alone represent an increase of 16.38%, totaling approximately R $ 3,079.99. The other rates, however, vary considerably, making it impossible to set a percentage.

Considering all this, we can estimate that the consoles will be launched costing around R $ 4,499.99 and R $ 5,499.99. Check out the video below to understand a little more about the pricing of the new generation of consoles.

Xbox Series S: How will it influence that choice?

The Xbox Series X will not be the only model of the next generation. Apparently, Microsoft will work with different models for next generation video games.

After a leak from the Xbox Series X controller box, it was shown that it will also be compatible with the Xbox Series S, which until then had not been confirmed by the brand.

Despite belonging to the next generation, this model will no longer be powerful. On the contrary, it will be a bet to improve the public’s accessibility to the games that will come next.

It also means a decrease in the total price, at least in the United States. It is normal to see that “reduced” editions cost about $ 100 less than major editions.

The problem is: this difference in value hardly reaches us Brazilians. Although in fact the price is lower, they are usually very close to the original versions, which makes it better to simply buy the most expensive one.

For this, we will use the prices of Nintendo consoles before the pandemic for this comparison. In 2019, the original Nintendo Switch cost about R $ 1,600 to R $ 2,000.

Nintendo Switch Lite, version without the dock to play on TV and with built-in controls – without the joy-con -, serving only as a laptop, it cost in Brazilian stores… about R $ 1,400.00!

Ok, in the USA the difference was only 100 dollars, while in Brazil it was R $ 200. But it is worth remembering the dollar quote at the time. At the end of 2019, the dollar was quoted in the country at around R $ 4.14. If only the dollar conversion counted for the price, the Nintendo Switch Lite should cost around R $ 1,200 to make a real difference.

Currently the consoles have a big price difference, however, the Nintendo Switch Lite itself is being sold for R $ 2,500, almost double the original price.

The Switch was already being sold for about R $ 4,000, a scenario that will change with the official arrival of the console in the country on September 18, in which it will cost R $ 3,000. Almost double the pre-pandemic price. The Nintendo Switch Lite will not be officially released alongside the original, but it is in the plans. That is, we can also expect a drop in the price of the notebook.

What does this comparison mean? That the Xbox Series S is unlikely to arrive with a significant price reduction over the Series X.

How much does it cost to build a gamer PC comparable to the next generation?

And the other side: is it possible to assemble a gamer PC similar to a cheaper next generation console? Or will it be more expensive?

The truth is that it is unlikely at first. As someone studying to build a gamer PC for himself, the increase in the price of parts after the pandemic is notable. The increase in the dollar and lower production made this equipment also considerably more expensive.

On the other hand, it is possible to assemble a gaming PC comparable to that of the next generation for an approximate value to that of the console.

This means that, although it does not have the same power, it will probably be a PC capable of running games like The Medium and Godfall in high quality, although not the maximum. Below is an example of my intermediate PC gamer.

The price is certainly the maximum of what we foreseen for the next generation consoles, without the same power. So does that mean it’s better to wait for the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5?

Not necessarily.

The main difference between the console and the PC is the ability to upgrade. When you buy a console, you buy a closed box that is impossible to improve with new parts. Improvements only come in special editions – like the PS4 Pro over the PS4 -, which are released about 3 years after the original.

On the PC, improvements can be made immediately. In addition, you can sell your old piece to learn about a new one, for example. Take the GTX 1660 of the build I presented as an example. Imagine that I want to exchange it for RTX 2070 Super, one of NVidia’s top of the line models.

Considering the current prices, I could sell it used for R $ 1,300, which is 500 reais less than the price I paid for the new one. An RTX 2070 Super currently costs around R $ 4,000.

That is, using the money from the sale of the old card, I would need to add R $ 2,700 to add a video card that would surpass the next generation in terms of graphics. A new edition of the console, on the other hand, may cost even more in the launch of what has already been paid for in the original model of the new generation. That is, it would spend more than R $ 10,000 on both consoles, while the PC with the upgrades would be around R $ 7,500.00.

On the other hand, it is undeniable that building a gamer PC with the potential of a PlayStation 5 today would be more expensive, as shown in this video on the Adrenaline channel.

Assemble the next generation PC Gamer or console

Before giving the verdict, it is important to consider another factor besides the hardware: the price of the games! Typically, PC games are often cheaper than their console counterparts. The launch of Marvel’s Avengers, for example, costs R $ 200 on its computer version, while on PS4 and Xbox One the price charged is R $ 249.99.

If we take only the financial issue into account, we can say that yes, it is best to build a PC gamer and make periodic upgrades, which can make it outperform the hardware of the consoles. On the other hand, it is important to consider your own profile as a player.

Are you a sofa player or are you used to spending hours playing in front of the PC? Which one is more comfortable for you?

To keep up with the prices of assembling gamer PCs or to know the best time to buy next generation consoles, keep an eye on the coupons we have for Kabum and Terabyte Shop!

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