How to study for a public tender at a discount and get the best preparatory handouts

When studying for a public exam, access to the best and most complete materials makes all the difference. However, we are well aware that paying for a cram and acquiring quality preparatory handouts is not cheap. Therefore, in this article you will find ways to study for a public tender at a discount to become a government official and change your life definitively. Follow.

Study for discounted and online public exam

The current coronavirus pandemic has brought new perspectives for learning and teaching, especially on the internet. Therefore, studying for a public exam with quality preparatory handouts can be done without leaving your home, on your computer or mobile device.

Within this context, to change your life with chances of studying for a public exam with quality material, pay attention to the following:

  • Keep an eye on opportunities for discounts on preparatory handouts;
  • Choose quality websites and companies to purchase your materials;
  • See in advance all the content you will need to study;
  • Set aside time and money to properly prepare for your exam.

Gran Cursos Online

And speaking of choosing reliable sites and companies to study for discounted public tenders, you can count on Gran Cursos Online. For more than 20 years in the education market, EDTech allows its customers to have access to the best preparatory content for public tenders and exams.

Through a very intuitive digital platform, Gran Cursos Online offers courses in the legal and financial areas. And if you are not a subscriber to Gran Cursos, the company also offers free classes, just that the candidate only has to pre-register for the content of interest, according to the previously established schedule.

But it is clear that the advantages of studying for a public tender with Gran Cursos Online do not end there. Check, therefore, several other differentials that will facilitate your entire preparation process to pass the exam of your choice:

  • A complete team of teachers trained in their areas of knowledge;
  • Differentiated teaching methodology, focused on didactic teachings and content that really matter for your test;
  • Great diversity of course options, meeting all the needs of those who will face the challenge of the public tender;
  • Complete and quality preparatory handouts, combined with several other materials focusing on their complete preparation.
  • Possibility to train your learning with more than 1 million questions from previous public tenders, such as OAB and CFC do Brasil;
  • Mentoring and coaching program, which will help you to overcome the challenges to win a public position.
  • Unlimited subscription plans with excellent value for money.

And you can make your subscription even cheaper with the PegaDesconto promotional coupon. With it, you guarantee up to 65% discount for unlimited annual subscription to Gran Cursos to start studying for a public exam right now!

Public tenders highlighted in Gran Cursos Online

Although the site has several public tenders, there are always those that are more competitive and, therefore, more sought after by future candidates. With regard to the Gran Cursos Online platform, the most popular contests are:

  • Civil police;
  • Public defense;
  • Federal police;
  • Court of justice;
  • IRS;
  • Education Departments;
  • City Halls;
  • Aeronautics;
  • Army;
  • Navy;
  • In the health area (hospitals, health posts);
  • Federal Councils, among others.

It is important to remember that, for each of these alternatives, there are specific contents and questions in their respective tests. Therefore, the most important thing is to have access to the courses and materials you need for your public tender.

In this sense, the ideal is that you only subscribe to the contest you want to study. The amount can be divided up to 12x interest-free and gives access to video classes, support material in PDF, questions forum, personalized study schedule among other advantages.

And the good news is that thanks to the partnership of PegaDesconto with Gran Cursos Online you can purchase separate courses with 30% discount.

To do so, simply activate this promotional code in your shopping cart and go for approval!

Discount offered by Gran Cursos is through promotional coupon.

Free materials

In order to make the candidate’s life even easier, Gran Cursos Online also offers free materials so that you can study for a public exam and be approved. In fact, they are ideal for the student to become familiar with the company’s teaching method, as well as have a sense of how to organize their studies.

In this way, Gran Cursos preparatory materials and handouts are divided into:

Handouts and e-Books

  • Books;
  • Study Guide;
  • Gran Vade Mecun;
  • Scheme laws;
  • Motivation.

Free Courses

  • Vocational course;
  • Free courses for the areas of nursing, dentistry, psychology, hospital pharmacy and nutrition;
  • Resolution of evidence among many others.
  • Study groups
  • Portuguese language;
  • Police careers;
  • Tax careers;
  • Health careers;
  • Banking careers;
  • Legal careers;
  • Military careers;
  • Education;
  • Mathematics and Logical Reasoning;
  • National competitions;
  • Contests by Brazilian states among many others.

In addition to the courses listed above, it is also worth mentioning that Gran Cursos online also offers questions, simulated and commented tests, calls for tenders, lectures and lectures. All of this for free, so you can awaken your inner concurseiro.

Thus, after adapting to the teaching methodology of the platform, you will be able to choose a subscription mode to obtain more in-depth knowledge. In this sense, count on PegaDesconto.

Our goal is to make your online shopping cheaper. So, whether to buy the best handouts for a public tender at a discount or buy textbooks and school books with savings, count on our promotional coupons. With them, you get 10 to 60% discount on your online purchases and is one step away from becoming the next approved in the contest of your dreams.

Tips for studying for public exam

In the current context of pandemic and social isolation, it is important to keep in mind that all public procurement opportunities continue. That way, as long as you’re at home, this may be your best chance to change your life.

Therefore, be sure to study for a public exam preparing yourself in the best way. To do this, follow the following tips:

  • Choose to learn from those with a tradition in the preparatory market for competitions;
  • Create a daily routine of studies and evaluation of the given contents;
  • Do previous exercises and tests of the competition for which you are studying;
  • Choose a suitable place for your studies and avoid distractions;
  • Develop techniques and methods that allow you to learn and fix information;
  • Maintain a positive attitude and do not deviate from your goal;
  • Take advantage of PegaDesconto promotional coupons to study for a public tender with much more savings.

And to put the above tips into practice, count on the help of Gran Cursos and the discounts offered by PegaDesconto to study for a successful public tender. Also, be sure to consult all the materials and preparatory handouts related to the test you will take.

Finally, just prepare yourself calmly and confidently, taking advantage of every opportunity to have access to a rich and quality material. Thus, you will certainly be able to achieve your goals!

And you, already know Gran Cursos Online? Then tell us in the comments about your experience with the teaching platform!

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