How to save on your credit card: 9 quick tips

Who has never resorted to a credit card when they lacked that cash for some essential purchase? He saves us a lot, but knowing how to save on his credit card, he can help even more. See how.

Have you ever thought about stop being held hostage by the credit card and start using it to your advantage? If you are careful with the way you use your credit card, it is possible to use it to your advantage to save money intelligently and optimally.

According to data from Abecs (Brazilian Association of Credit Card and Services Companies), this year the payments made with credit, debit and prepaid cards are expected to grow by around 16%, reaching the R $ 1.8 trillion.

O credit card spending has grown considerably since 2018, as shown in the chart below. Since the projections are still increasing for this year, how about knowing how to save on your credit card and win in that account?

how to save using credit card

Source: Abecs

Learn how to save on your credit card

1. Choose rewards cards only if you can pay your bill in full

Who doesn’t like to win some gift or points to exchange for products when using a credit card? But it is good to keep an eye on this type of card on account of fees and interest.

To compensate this type of benefit, cards tend to have higher interest rates than ordinary credit cards. Fact that goes against what you are looking for, which is knowing how to save on your credit card.

That way, it only makes sense to earn rewards from the Mastercard Surprise, for example, if you manage to pay your full bill every month.

Otherwise you enter the revolving and pay an absurd fee, which can be more expensive than that product you got with the points.

2. Know how to choose the points program

If you will be able to pay your bill on time every month, then the points program is a great opportunity for you who want to know how to save on your credit card.

There are some program options, if you already have a credit card do a search to find out which one is available to you.

If you don’t have one yet, you can search for both the best card and the best points program for your profile. Two examples of these programs are the Multiplus and Smiles.

3. Pay the invoice in full and on time

A tip on how to save on your credit card is simply practicing good payment habits. This will avoid exorbitant financial charges and fines charged to your account.

It is better to pay the entire monthly balance, but if you are unable to do so, then paying more than the minimum will save you a little in the long run. It also improves your behavior towards the bank.

4. Search before applying for a card

A good tip on how to save on your credit card is compare market offers before ordering any card.

Read the terms and check each person’s rates carefully. Based on your buying habits, you will find that there are certain credit cards that will suit your spending patterns better than others.

5. Avoid having too many cards

When you have many cards, the chance of you spending more is much greater. Besides that, it becomes more difficult to control your spending.

For example, you see a preview of your bill on one card is R $ 100 and on the other R $ 50, you can get the false impression that you are spending little and think you can buy more on credit.

This way, it is more difficult to save on your credit card.

6. Avoid relying on credit cards to cover an emergency

If you do not have emergency funds and need to use your credit card for this purpose be careful.

After using it in one month try to save to pay the full invoice and not need to use it in the next. Keeping a balance due means paying more in interest.

So keep in mind that, although it is very tempting, depending on your savings, the account can be even more expensive.

7. Try to reduce your rate

If you have a good track record with your card, you may have some advantage and it is another way of saving with your credit card.

If you have been a customer for some time, call your bank or go to an agency to discuss the possibility of reducing your rates.

They are more receptive to such requests than you think, as card companies are very interested in retaining their good customers.

8. Stop buying in installments

A very common practice for Brazilians is to split purchases. Every time you share a product on the card, you stop making money. Therefore, one of the ways to save on your credit card is by purchasing the cash.

See in the video below how to collect the money to buy in cash:

9. Look for zero annuity cards

Nowadays you have a few credit card options with zero annual fees. For those who are always eyeing the news looking to know how to save on their credit card, investing in one of these is a good choice.

One of the options on the market is the Santander Free. With it, if you spend R $ 100 on credit every month, you are exempt from the annuity. With that, you spend and save at the same time.

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