Google opinion rewards does not send surveys: 6 reasons

You are strolling in a shopping mall, you go to a clothing store, a shoe store, you go to the cinema and so far no notification has been received. At that moment you ask yourself, but why Google opinion rewards doesn’t send a survey?

On the one hand, companies and researchers are looking for consumer data. On the other hand, are you willing to contribute in exchange for an extra buck.

At Google Opinion Rewards, they they want to know what apps people use and why, which TV shows they watch and how their spending habits are. If you don’t have the app yet, see how to use Google Opinion Rewards.

Now, if you’ve already registered and Google Opinion Rewards doesn’t send surveys, you may need to reconfigure your account to start receiving them. With that you will also not need to say more that with Google opinion rewards I do not receive questions.

Consumer data and information are invaluable assets for the service market. Understanding behavior and your desires is an effective way to target a marketing campaign, for example.

Google Opinion Rewards is an application that allows users to answer surveys in exchange for a reward. It is available for Android and iOS users, so you can download it regardless of the type of mobile device you’re using.

This does not interfere with the surveys you receive. You may ask yourself: Why don’t I get questions through Google Opinion Rewards? See how to solve your problem.

Google Opinion Rewards does not send surveys: 6 mistakes you may be making

1- Download the app

To find out the real reason why Google Opinion Rewards doesn’t send you surveys, you need to start from the beginning. So, it is important to remember that you need to have downloaded the app on your phone. Otherwise, it is not possible to answer the questions.

Once you have downloaded the app, answer basic questions about yourself. That done, you start receiving surveys as they become available.

According to information from the team of this app, the frequency varies according to the information you entered in the register.

You will receive a notification on your mobile phone when there is a survey relevant to you and by answering it you will win prizes.

The researches are varied some questions that can be asked are:

  • “What is the best logo?”
  • “Which promotion is the most attractive?”
  • “When do you plan to make your next trip?”

2- Be honest

When do you have any questions in life to whom you turn? Mr. Google, right? The holy Google of everything knows. And the same is true when you lie in a Google Opinion Rewards survey.

If you lied in a survey, that may be why Google Opinion Rewards no longer sends surveys. Various techniques are used to detect users trying to trick the system.

If they see that you are not responding to surveys sincerely, they will send less surveys. This way, just like in life, the best way to increase your earnings is to be honest.

3- Update the app

If your phone is set to update apps automatically, you are not at risk. Now, if you need to update manually keep an eye out. This can also disrupt and prevent Google Opinion from sending surveys.

Another tip is to open the app quite often and not just once or twice a week. This can help increase your chances of getting more searches.

4- Turn on the GPS

Google has local searches, so if you leave GPS enabled, it can see that you are in a cinema, for example, by sending a survey asking for feedback about it.

At first it may seem strange, as Google Opinion rewards can send you inquiries asking if you were in that cinema. This means that your location is enabled and your GPS saw where you went.

And that goes for everything: restaurants, shopping malls, stadiums. Especially when traveling to another city, you can share your experience through research.

A good tip is to also enable sharing of Google’s location history on the following path:

Menu> Settings> Google Location History> Enable this selection in the top corner.

5- Be attentive

To find out if you are responding to the survey with care and commitment, Google can include questions like pranks – they are the attention tests, if you answer wrong it will understand that you are not taking it seriously and will punish you by sending less surveys.

So this could be another reason that Google Opinion Rewards does not send you surveys.

1 more reason that is not your fault: sex difference

If you are a male and feel that you are receiving less research than your friend, you may be right.

According to users, Google Opinion Rewards needs more surveys aimed at women, so they can receive more.

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