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The month of October arrives bringing one of the most important dates for the children and let it be said in passing one of the most terrifying for parents, uncles and aunts rs. That’s because on the day October 12th celebrates the Children’s Day, and it is important to reiterate that the gifts are almost non-negotiable for the little ones and given the current moment of isolation they have been more than necessary.

We know that the biggest challenge for those who are going to gift a child is to find quality toys at affordable prices. For this reason, Cuponeria has prepared super special tips for you to gift your little favorite without feeling that weight in your pocket.

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Special offers in Children’s Month

To take advantage of Children’s Day, several stores anticipated their promotions and offers for the beginning of October. This is mainly due to the delivery dates of various products that may vary.

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Discount coupons in child’s month

In addition to special promotions, at Cuponeria you can also find coupons of up to 80% off in toys, electronics and children’s clothing.

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Search and find the best price

When looking for the product you want to buy, it is important to browse several stores before making your purchase.

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Shop safely

It is important to be aware when it comes to buying on the internet. Therefore, we will reinforce some tips on how to take precautions when making your purchase on any website or shopping app.

Check the CNPJ of the company, this ensures that it really exists and complies with safety standards and the Consumer Protection Code. You can also search the company’s CPNJ on the Prohibited List and on ReclameAqui to ensure that you are making a 100% secure purchase.

When it comes to buying in physical stores, it is important to be aware of payment options. Always prefer establishments that accept payment without physical money, in addition to avoiding contagion with the new Coronavirus, you are free from fraud in notes. Several stores have migrated to payments through digital wallets, this trend has been gaining more and more support from the general public.

Good shopping!

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