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Founded in 2015, Gocase emerged with the goal of transforming ideas and dreams into unique objects for those who like to express their lifestyle in their accessories.

Gocase products are for everyone who wants to express themselves. The brand believes that diversity is the fuel for creativity and you are welcome to join this idea!

On the website of Gocase you will find several products such as cell phone cases, backpacks and various accessories that can be customized with your favorite themes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gocase discount coupons

How to get discount at Gocase?

Find various discount coupons from the Gocase website in Cuponeria, just go to the Gocase page on the platform and get the coupon that’s right for you. In addition, you will find on the Gocase website a selection of lightning offers where you can buy products with up to 30% discount and receive free gifts.

You can also refer Gocase to friends and family, they get 15% discount on the first purchase and you can earn up to R $ 100 discount every time a friend makes a purchase.

It is worth registering on the Gocase Brasil website to receive coupons and exclusive promotions for customers. Another tip is to keep an eye on special dates as Gocase launches promotions and special offers on some dates.

Does the Gocase website have a discount coupon?

Yes. Gocase has coupons up to R $ 50 off the website.

What discount coupons or promotions are available for the Gocase website?

10% OFF coupon on the first purchase on the Gocase website.

EARN R $ 20 OFF on purchases over R $ 149.90 on the Gocase website.

EARN R $ 30 OFF on purchases over R $ 199.90 on the Gocase website.

EARN R $ 40 OFF on purchases over R $ 249.90 on the Gocase website.

EARN R $ 50 OFF on purchases over R $ 299.90 on the Gocase website.

Check out the lightning offers on the Gocase website.

Does the Gocase website give a discount on the first purchase?

Yes. Click here to redeem your 10% OFF discount coupon on the first purchase.

Does the Gocase website have an outlet?

On the website of the Gocase store you will find a selection of lightning offers, where you can buy different pieces from the store with up to 30% discount. In addition, in lightning offers you can buy 2 products and get 1 free gift.

How to use the discount coupon on the Gocase website?

  • Get your discount coupon on the Gocase page in Cuponeria.
  • Go to the Gocase website and choose the products you want.
  • After closing your order you will be redirected to your shopping cart where you can add your coupon code below the zip code bar.

How to talk to Gocase Brasil?

You can answer all your questions or report any complaints through the website.

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