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Founded in 2015, the Eletrum arose from the idea of ​​providing the Customer with the best shopping experience on the internet. Through partnerships with the main national and global manufacturers, Eletrum offers a variety of items, agility and quality at very competitive prices. Eletrum is specialized, among other segments, in telephony, small appliances and electronics.

On the Eletrum store you can find different products like electronics, furniture, toys and more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Eletrum discount coupons

How to get discount at Eletrum store?

Find several discount coupons from the Eletrum store in Cuponeria, just go to the Eletrum page on the platform and get the coupon that’s right for you. In addition, you will find on the Eletrum website an exclusive Outlet for repackaged products with up to 40% discount.

It is worth registering on the Eletrum website to receive coupons and exclusive promotions for customers. Another tip is to keep an eye on special dates as Eletrum launches promotions and special offers on some dates.

Does the Eletrum website have a discount coupon?

Yes. Eletrum has coupons with up to 10% discount on the website.

What discount coupons or promotions are available for Eletrum’s website?

5% OFF coupon in the Smart TVs category on the Eletrum website.

Does the Eletrum store have an outlet?

Yes. On the Eletrum store website you will find an outlet for repackaged products with up to 40% discount. These are new products that were returned within 7 business days by the user.

How to use the discount coupon on the Eletrum website?

  • Get your discount coupon on the Eletrum page at Cuponeria.
  • Go to the Eletrum website and choose the desired products.
  • After closing your order you will be redirected to your shopping cart where you can add your coupon code below the zip code bar.

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