8 breweries to visit and taste a free beer sample

After football, beer is the second passion of the Brazilian (for some it may even be the first). And who wouldn’t want to get a free beer sample.

So, pack your bags and choose from 10 famous national destinations to take a beer tour and taste quality labels.

Free beer sample: factories to know and taste

1) Baden Baden, Campos do Jordão (SP)

The Baden Baden brewery is a must-see in Campos do Jordão. From a bar with delicious beer labels, it is now a place of experiences to know how the brewery production is made.

On the Baden Baden Tour, customers get to know the history of the brewery and information about the products – from the production process to the matching options.

On the tour a guide leads the entire tour of the factory and there is also an exclusive space to enjoy a free beer sample from one of Baden Baden’s 13 labels.

The tour costs R $ 40 and is offered from Monday to Sunday.

2) Dama Bier, Piracicaba (SP)

Dama Bier was founded in 2019 and occupies an area of ​​2 thousand square meters for the production of craft beer. More than 60 thousand liters are made monthly.

Every Saturday there is a guided tour by the responsible sommelier of the Lady with the right to taste free samples of fresh beer straight from the tank.

The tour must be booked in advance and costs R $ 35 per person.

3) Bamberg, Votorantim (SP)

One of the most famous beers in the interior of São Paulo, Bamberg also offers the public a complete tour to see how the brand’s beers are made.

And who guides this tour is none other than the brewer and owner of the brand, Alexandre Bazzo. During the tour, participants can taste a free beer sample of five draft beers directly from the maturation tanks.

The tour takes place on Saturdays, costs R $ 30 and lasts approximately 90 minutes.

4) Colorado Brewery, Ribeirão Preto (SP)

Want to taste a free sample of bear’s beer? The traditional Colorado brewery offers a full 1h30 tour where the participants get to know the factory and taste some brand labels.

A difference is that the Colorado team identifies who came by car and recommends going by public transport or hitchhiking.

You need to make an appointment on the brand website and payment is made on time in the amount of R $ 35 per person. Whoever drives and cannot drink still wins a toast.

5) Fritz Brewery, Monte Verde (MG)

Fritz is one of the main attractions for those visiting the mining town of Monte Verde. From draft beers to craft beers, the company was the first microbrewery in the country to bring out the bottle model, which you can take half the drink and then store.

During the visit, participants can enjoy a free sample of Natur, Weizen, Köelsch and Dunkel craft beer made with the excellent pure water of the mountains.

You need to schedule the tour and the cost of the tour costs R $ 25.

6) Backer, Belo Horizonte (MG)

In the market for 20 years, Backer is one of the best-known breweries in Minas Gerais and another great place to taste a free beer sample.

In addition to knowing the entire manufacturing process, the participants also know the Cervejeiro Temple, a space entirely dedicated to paying homage to beer.

Visits take place on Saturday and must be previously scheduled on the brand’s website.

7) Eisenbahn, Blumenau (SC)

Going to Blumenau? Visit the Eisenbahn factory that if you love beer you should already know and have tried beer.

To taste a free sample of the brand’s beer just go to the factory and hope for availability for a day trip.

Right at the entrance, participants find a charming space with tables to sample various types of beer from the brand, in addition to delicious side dishes. In another space it is possible to know a little better how the drink is made.

8) Bohemia, Petrópolis (RJ)

In the mountainous region of Rio is another brewer’s paradise for those who love to taste a free beer sample. It is the Bohemian factory that is part of the city’s tourist itinerary.

The factory is in the company’s old 1853 warehouse and has more than 20 environments that provide an interactive tour of the history of beer during the times.

To make a visit just schedule your day and time on the official website of the brand.

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