10 free (or almost) tips

How to learn English yourself? This can be a big challenge, but it is possible.

There are a few ways to improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills – even if there is no one physically around to help you practice.

To give strength to this mission, we have separated, below, some tips on how to learn English alone (or with low-cost help).

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How to learn English yourself: 10 practical tips

1. Have discipline

None of the tips on how to learn English yourself that we will list below will help you if you have no discipline and dedicate yourself.

These two factors are indispensable, especially for those who do not have to be accountable to a teacher.

Everything we learn can and should be applied to our lives. English is the most widely spoken language in the world. Those who acquire this knowledge are able to communicate in any type of situation. So study!

2. Use Youtube to your advantage

The internet is an inexhaustible source of knowledge. Search for websites, vlogs and blogs that can help you learn the language.

YouTube is packed with channels with vocabulary and grammar tips that can help you broaden your knowledge, as well as train the content you’ve already absorbed.

You can, for example, search for English-language channels that address topics you like. They don’t have to be channels that teach English. They only need to be presented in English. This is a great way to absorb information, train your hearing, the speed with which natives speak and increase vocabulary.

If you are still at the basic level use the subtitles of Youtube to listen and read at the same time.

3. Always ask questions!

If a friend spoke any term in English that you didn’t understand, don’t be ashamed and ask immediately what it means.

Do you have questions about pronunciation? Are you having difficulties with grammar? Visit online forums, ask people who can help you.

4. Count on your friends

Everyone has that friend who knows a little bit of everything. Enjoy the company and start a conversation in English. Sharing knowledge helps with content configuration.

You can set up meetings where everyone is required to speak only English. You can play a board game, video game, or just make dinner.

5. Look for books and magazines

Do you like to read? Look for books and magazines in English and have the dictionary by your side.

This is a great way to learn English yourself, learn new words and improve your spelling.

6. Listen to podcasts in English

This is a great tip on how to learn English on your own for those who spend a lot of time commuting on the way to work, college or high school. You can listen in the car or on the bus, just a headset.

Choose a topic that interests you and listen to the podcast several times until you understand the content. Yes, the same podcast. Write down the words you don’t understand and look in the dictionary when you can.

Repetition is indispensable for the development of an effective conversation.

7. Take risks

Not sure how to write or pronounce a word? Are you afraid to approach someone outside and start a conversation? If you don’t try, you won’t know what your real ability is.

So take a chance. You can even explain that you are still learning. This will break the ice and still give the other person freedom to help you improve pronunciation and grammar.

8. Don’t get neurotic

Speak a little wrong, have an accent. It’s not a problem. Everyone has a little and this does not prevent clear and effective communication.

9. Think about your future

Mastering English gives you new perspectives and plans. Best work, international travel, exchange. Wishing for a new life can help you stay focused!

10. Search for distance English courses

Face-to-face English courses often require more financial investment, which makes it impossible for many people to take them. Technology, however, has expanded the possibilities of those who really want to learn.

Distance learning courses have lower costs, online teaching material and allow you to take classes from anywhere.

English Live, for example, is possibly the best known online course in Brazil and has native teachers, foreign students and tuition from R $ 149. Some modalities, such as English for travel, have options from R $ 59 monthly.

English Live is also worthwhile because it offers a diploma for students, which may be necessary if you are going to apply for a job vacancy, a research grant or exchange work.

One of the biggest advantages of online English classes is the ability to participate in classes that meet your current level, answer questions with specialized teachers and talk to other students. You can also attend classes as often as you like.

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